[TowerTalk] Rustoleum is the answer

Neal Cox ncoxsr at wt.net
Fri Mar 26 11:16:42 EST 2004

Just read your comments Jim. Man, the rust seems to be pretty thin. I used a wire brush and removed
some rust on the first section and coated it with Rustoleum Cold Gavanizing Compound and thought
it was going to work, but in about one week I noticed some rust bleeding through. I've investigated all
kinds of rust removers, encapsulators, inhibitors ect. but have doubts about them all. I may have to take
it down and junk it. Man, that thing is set in 5 yards of concrete! I wonder if any kind of tower could be
anchored safely into this base with large concrete anchors? I suppose I could replace this tower with
one just like it but I'm not absolutely sure that the base stubs are really sound. I don't really have
enough room for guy wires so that limits the possibilities further.  Oh well, thanks for your comments
Jim. I'll get it figured out. Oh yeah, back in the 80's when I put this thing up the concrete cost me about
the same as the tower!

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