[TowerTalk] Need copy of manual for Mosley TA-40KR 40 meter Add-on

Tom Anderson WW5L at gte.net
Tue Mar 30 12:32:08 EST 2004


I finally found my TA40KR manual, although it is from about 10 years 
ago.  I'll be glad to photocopy it today and mail it to you (I don't 
know how to do attachments).  Or if you have a fax machine its about 10 

As an FYI, the "parts list" shows  the following with no explanations 
although with the exception of the traps I presume its referring to 
tubing.  The descriptions are from the parts lists itself, no editing by me

5/8"x 59" "blue  2 pieces
1 1/4"x 48" "smashed end"  1 piece
1 1/2" x 18" strut support 1 piece
1 1/8"x 12 swaged , no color code 2 pieces
1 1/8"x12 swaged "blue" 2 pieces
blue traps  2 pieces
115 feet of dacron rope   (an as an aside I replaced this with the 
smallest  Phillystran for a better looking assembly)
angle bracket  1 piece
hardware  1 package.

The manual says the conversion kit is for a TA31, TA32, TA33, and TA 36, 
but Mosley told me to just follow the manual for the TA33 when I 
installed it on my Classic 33 WARC (#562110 back in 1993) on the driven 
element.    It wasn't usable on the Classic 33 until they added the WARC 
element.  At the time apparently the TA40KR was fairly new addition for 
the Classic 33 that they hadn''t updated their manual(s).

Let me know if you need it photocopied or faxed.  FYI the whole thing 
was printed by Mosley in ORANGE ink and isn't the easiest thing to 
deciper since it refers to Mosley parts numbers, etc.

Tom, WW5L
Colleyville TX

Jeff Sherman wrote:

>In contacting technical service at Mosley, they could 
>not offer any help accept to order a manual. Can 
>anyone provide a copy of this manual ?? I tried to put 
>the ends of the add-on to the "Blue radiator" and 
>found that the ends of the add-on kit and the radiator 
>end are both the same size !!! Missing coupler ??? 
>Jeff K7XQ
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