[TowerTalk] Noise

Greg Gobleman k9zm at frontiernet.net
Fri Nov 5 19:15:14 EST 2004

I had a guy wire on a power pole which was very close to the support 
cable for the cable TV.  Not sure what the power company may have had 
attached to the guy wire, as a possible ground, or....   Anyway, every 
time the wind was easterly, it pushed the pole just enough to arc 
between those two and I had terrible noise. 

I was running around with a little AM radio and gave that guy wire a 
shaking and discovered that is what it was.  As it swayed it arced.  
Power company put a big rubber wrap around insulator on it and I had no 
problem after that. 

Interesting that everything in the neighborhood radiated that noise. 
Fences, lines, guys.  For several blocks around, when the source was in 
front of my house.

Greg K9ZM

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