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Dave NØRQ (lists) n0rq-lists at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 5 19:28:37 EST 2004

I can't speak to the MFJ unit, though I imagine it works OK.

I've done quite a bit of power line noise hunting over the last
year or two, and have found that a 2m HT (NOT in FM mode)
and a smallish 2m handheld beam works great.  In my case,
the FT-50RD has AM mode, and a 3-element Arrow handheld
antenna does a wonderful job at it.  I think I'd be frustrated
by a little loop.  The better directionality and ability to change
polarization with a twist of the wrist is nice.

After you ID the pole, let the power company do the fixing.
It is *their* responsibility.  You might have to stand underneath
while they work, so they can tell when they fixed it.  They might
tighten everything, check the lightning arrestor, etc... something
is amiss that needs to be fixed.


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Thanks guys,

I have located the one I was thinking about (thanks Alan). It is the MFJ-852
AC Line Noise Meter. Operates at 135 MHZ and has an AM receiver with a built
in collapseable(sp?) dipole for about $100.

I think I check it out and see if it helps. The AM radio in the car gets to
the general area but it's not helping in this case. The noise source is at
least 800 feet away. Thanks for the offer Randy, if this doesn't work maybe
I'll take you up on it.

Thanks again,

Bill, W5VX

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