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Mon Nov 8 15:38:48 EST 2004

On 8 Nov 2004 at 11:18, Steve Katz wrote:

> My take on the SteppIR, and I'm not an owner (yet):
> Their excellent Customer Service, including willingness to replace
> field failed components instantly, doesn't make me very happy to hear.
>  Customer Service is better than not having any, but I don't want to
> replace stuff that's failed, at least not for several years --
> especially when the stuff's atop my tower.  
Hi Steve -
I think I can answer your comment above.  Last Thursday I got my 
new 3 element SteppIR up, actually for the second time and I was 
using my 3rd control box.  The other two boxes failed, however, not 
because of their design but because of my own stupidity.  
I had added a 15pin plug and socket on the control cable up near the 
beam -- the idea being to simplify installation and troubleshooting.  
The control boxes failed because I had an intermittent pin to pin short 
in the plug.  It was so small that even after I discovered it with the 
ohmmeter, I could not visually find it with bright light and high 
powered magnifier........... yet it truly was there.  The short took out 
two boxes.

The company quickly sent me two replacements at no cost, even 
though it was (finally) obvious that the fault was all mine.  
Tremendous customer service.

Someone else commented their doubt that the SteppIR boom was 
long enough to provide good front to back.  I can only say, "go to 
someone's shack who has one or listen to someone reverse their 
beam 180 degrees and you should be convinced."  Front to back is 
very obvious and this beam is great.... the best I've had in 47 years of 

Jim - K5LAD

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stupid to say and then don't say it." -- Sam Levenson
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