[TowerTalk] US Tower Raising Fixture Question

Ve6wz_Steve ve6wz at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 12 09:02:04 EST 2004


Try cranking up a HDX-589 with the raising fixture...very hard indeed.
My solution...pay some young kid $20.

I'm interested to know of other ideas too...I needed to lower mine this
summer to PM replace the cables.

Steve ve6wz.
> Cranking this tower (HDX 555) from horizontal to vertical was 
> unexpectedly very hard.  The only additional weight was a 140 
> lb mast snuggled inside the tower.  I could only do about 10 
> complete rotations and then had to take a break and I am a 
> fairly big boy and in fair shape.
> My question is what have others done to lessen this burden?  
> Is there a better winch or rigging scheme to gain mechanical 
> advantage?  My tower has two side-by-side pulleys on the 
> tower, but only one is used.  The raising fixture only has 
> one pulley.  The cable goes over the pulley at the raising 
> fixture, around one of the pulleys at the tower, and back to 
> the raising fixture where it is terminated on a bolt.  We 
> have it rigged per the instructions.
> Pat, K8PC 


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