[TowerTalk] M2 15 meter beam manual

Tom Sessions k4rv at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 3 08:52:28 EST 2005

Sure would lke to get a copy of a manual for the below antenna:
Please note that this is the original M2 4 element 15 meter monobander, the
15M4, NOT the current model 15M4DX.  The original 15M4 had a 33.8 ft boom,
not a 27 ft boom like the DX.

15 Meter Monobander15M4 from M2® Antenna 

15M4  Frequency Range 21.0 to 21.450MHz  
Gain, typical. 8.5 dBd 
Front to Back, typical. 25 dB 
Beamwidth in degrees E=53 / H=60 
VSWR, Maximum. 1.2:1 
Boom Length in feet 33.8 
Element Length, Maximum, in feet 23.8 
Turn Radius in feet 21 
Wind Area in Sq. Ft. 6.1 
Wind Survival in MPH 100 

Thanks / 73 / HNY
Tom K4RV

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