[TowerTalk] Tower Conundrum

Bill Powell whp at att.net
Wed Jan 12 17:54:00 EST 2005

I'm finally getting around to erecting a tower but have run into an unanticipated issue.
I already have a brand new HDBX-48 which would suit my needs perfectly except...

The township PERMITS (already zoned, no battles with the neighbors, no hearings and lawsuits...) amateur radio towers up to 75' in height as normal, permitted accessory structures providing that:
 - the tower be set back at least 1:1 from the nearest property line,
 - the tower be located in the back yard: behind a line formed by the rearmost point of the main structure.

It's the second condition that gets me as I had intended to place the HDBX along the garage at the roof peak - essentially in the side yard.  Erected there, I'd have enough clear space to construct and raise the tower as well as to be able to easily clear boom and elements of the antennas from the one nearby tree.
That same tower, located in the "back" yard poses a problem in that it's too low: the antennas would catch in 2 different trees and I will NOT remove ANY trees.

So...  It looks like I'm destined to put up a 70' - 75' monster instead of a modest 48' tower.  So much for zoning meeting the needs of the citizens in the community...

First question is what other free-standing (NO guys - NO "house" brackets) 70'+ towers exist besides AN and Trylon?  Please don't loose sight of the fact that I work for a living and have to be able to afford to put antennas and a rotor on it too!

So far, the AN looks very nice but the advertised price is simply outta the ball-park.  
Trylon just doesn't turn me on with their construction and complete lack of pre-sales technical
I have heard runors that Rohn will do a "deal" with hams but have NO supportive data.
Does the "One Man Tower" really exist in the US?

Constructive suggestions and ideas?

Bill - WB1GOT

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