[TowerTalk] MFJ-1025/1026

BobK8IA at aol.com BobK8IA at aol.com
Sat Jan 22 08:05:08 EST 2005

I have been evaluating a MFJ-1026 for several weeks here now to assist with  
a noise I have on 160m and, to a lesser extent, 80m. Although I havent  
integrated it into my contest station, here are my observations. There is  probably 
no real news here if you followed this thread before (may have been  discussed 
here or on Topband reflector, I cant recall):
1. The unit DOES work, and very well. The downside is that its finicky to  
adjust. Mine, on 160, needs re-adjustment about every 20 khz. Becasue of this, I 
 can see where this unit may useful to the DXer but a much lesser extent to 
the  contester.Of course, if the noise was so bad that you can't operate the 
band  without the noise canceller, than you would have to have it in the line 
and  readjust often. In my case, the unit isnt essential, just nice to have to 
hear  that last layer of stuff. 
2. Now, its uselfulness holds true only if you use an external  noise 
antenna. The whip supplied is useless. Just about anything will work as an  "external 
noise antenna" but the unit works best when that antenna hears the  noise 
better than your normal antenna. Your choice of a 5BTV as a noise antenna  is 
probeably very adequate. 
3. In addition, if you have multiple noise sources the unit's effectiveness  
is diminished. It will phase two antennas fairly well to get rid of one noise  
but cant do very well on multiple noises. It was never designed to do  that.
4.To protect the Aux Antenna input, it employs a internal, soldered in, 12v  
dial lamp as a "fuse". If you are the careless kind you may want to modify 
this  to avoid having to remove the unit from the case, unsolder the lamp and 
resolder  in a new one if that terminal gets large input voltage from xmtr. Time 
consuming  if you are contesting or just DXing and the unit is the only reason 
you are  hearng the DX.
My overall assessment, so far, is that it works as advertised if you use an  
external noise antenna and if you have a singular noise source. However, it is 
 too finicky (narrowbanded?) for my contest use. 
Good luck with whatever you chose!
73, Bob  K8IA
nr The Superstition Mtns
Arizona, USA


In a message dated 1/22/05 3:01:54 AM US Mountain Standard Time,  
domino at worldlynx.net writes:

I'm  interested in the groups comments on these units and the best all around 
type  of noise antennas.  I'm thinking of using an old 5BTV that I  have.

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