[TowerTalk] "House" Method of Raising a Tilt-Over Tower

Bob Gates regates at kingwoodcable.com
Wed Jun 1 22:12:02 EDT 2005

Evening All,

I'm beginning to get the idea that some, read that all, think this is a most stupid idea.  But let me answer some of the other suggestions before asking some more questions.  The idea of a crank-up was considered, but the biggest I could find is UST's HDX5106, and it only as a rating of 13sf at 70mph.  So that won't work, even if I was able/willing to pay almost $25,000.  A smaller tower doesn't meet my goals, which is to build a decently competitive contest station.  I won't be installing a christmas tree of monobanders.  I plan on a pair of phased 4-ele Steppirs and a pair of 2-ele 40m yagis.  The two lower antennas will be installed on TIC Ring Rotors, which have hinged boom cradles.  After my wife gets used to seeing all this, I'll be adding verticals and wires for 80 and 160.

Now on to the main issue.  I think all of the comments could be summarized by Jim Jarvis who said "Don't do it Bob!", and Uncle Steve who started out with "HOLY CRAP!"  What am I supposed to make of these innuendos?  Are you suggesting I try something a little different?  Actually, I had a "Plan B".  Now stop that groaning!  Plan B was to make a saddle to set over the peak of the roof using two sections of 25G, one on either side of the peak.  Would also reinforce the roof on the inside.  Then I would back a wrecker into my driveway, run his cable over the saddle, and attach it to the end of the guy wire attached at the 90' point on the tower.  And, once again, just pull that puppy up.  Neat huh?  Stop laughing!  The load on the roof would all be downward, and the cable/guy would never get close to touching the eave of the house on the South side.  The tower would be laid out horizontally and all booms would be turned horizontal as the lift is started.

On-the-other-hand, Uncle Steve scared the pee out of me with the possibilities of what could go wrong.  I can just imagine the torquing that could occur if the wind picks up, and others have obviously had more negative experiences than I have thought out.  So back to the drawing board!  Actually, it's back to hiring a professional, if I could only think of someone who does this kind of work. :)  Thanks all for your comments and ideas, much appreciated.  And I WILL get this tower up in the air!

73, Bob W7BJ

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