[TowerTalk] installing monster masts in towers

Don Moman ve6jy at 3web.com
Wed Jun 8 12:36:19 EDT 2005

Many rotator motors are now DC.

And the current method is fine as long as you have not yet installed the
antenna (or no wind if you have).

I take a small 12v 2 amp/hr gel cell up the tower, plenty of capacity to
turn the rotor and antenna thru several complete rotations and check for
mast/bearing alignment and coax loop issues.

73 Don

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> slightly O/T, G1YGY suggested to me a very delicate method of checking
> the rotator and the thrust bearing(s) line up that I haven't seen
> Measure the current drawn by the rotator as it goes round: it should be
> substantially constant. If it goes up at one place, suspect misalignment.
I had  a
> slight bend in the stub mast as a result of the bearing having worn over
> years: it wasn't apparent on an in situ visual examination, but there was
> some  binding. The current measurement method showed up when the correct
> alignment had been achieved. I ended up with a variation of less than 1%
on a  T2X.
> Of course, you do need an AC ammeter......
> 73
> Peter G3RZP.
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