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Hey Bill,

I have almost the exact situation. I am opting to put my tower as far towards the end of the shelf as I can, without losing any height. The hill behind is in the JA direction, but I think I can do OK with them from San Diego anyway. The rise is probably 75 feet or so over 500' or so. If I go for the edge of the shelf, that puts the tower about 200' away from where the land starts to rise behind the house.

The best shot is about 180 degrees from N thru E thru S, in that case, the ground drops away very quickly, and then it's free and clear for miles until you hit Palomar Mountain, some 20-30 miles in the distance.

The tower will be 72', with a 20' mast stuck in it.

What were your conclusions?

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  I have a new mountain-side QTH and am looking for some advice regarding 
  tower placement since my knowledge of the effects of topography as it 
  affects HF propogation is sorely lacking.

  First, let me describe the property.  I have 37 acres on the side of a 
  mountain in WV.  I have an approximate 270 degree clear view covering West 
  to North to East behind the house.  Then there is a heavily wooded steep 
  rise of 100 feet or so from the front of my home my home facing South.

  There is a ~150 ft wide by ~180 ft deep cleared "shelf" area behind the 
  house that drops approximately 30 ft over the 180 ft.  At the end of the 
  shelf the ground drops approximately 100 ft quickly (maybe a 50 to 60 degree 
  slope), then another more gradual slope to the valley floor.  It appears to 
  be a couple of miles before the next ridge of equal height to where I am 
  located.  Maybe more.

  I plan to put up a 70 ft tower with a HF beam this summer.  My question is: 
  Where on the property should I put the tower for the best DX propagation?

  Would I be better off putting the Tower as far up the mountain as possible? 
  Or would I be better off putting it as close to the end of the shelf (and 
  sharp drop-off) as possible?  Which would be best to get the optimum take 
  off angle?

  Conversely, I also plan to put up a NVIS wire antenna for close-in stateside 
  contesting.  What location would be best to get the optimum high take off 

  My interests are DXing and contesting.  There are no power lines to get in 
  the way and no neighbors who can see my property from their homes.  The XYL 
  will be happy as long as I don't put the tower directly in her view from the 

  Thanks and 73...   Bill K3WA 


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