[TowerTalk] Hanging Wires/Cutting branches

Roy Thistle roy.thistle at utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 27 11:20:49 EDT 2005

For cutting branches that are in the way of a dipole I use a saw I mounted
on a 10 ft. section of steel mast.

The saw is special. It is a blade for a pruning saw: the kind used by
professional arborists/"tree cutters". Its made from stainless steel, is
scimitar shaped, with the teeth on the concave side, and most
importantly...it cuts on the downward stroke only...so the saw dosn't get
jammed into the branch...and you can use your body weight to help in the
cutting. The stainless steel makes it very tough and flexible.

The success of branch cutting, from the end of a pole, depends I found, on
the quality of the saw. The last thing you want is the saw jammed into the
branch. Another problem is that the pole has to be fairly stiff. If you
can figure out how to join wooden sections together, then that might work

For higher branches, I extend the mast with more sections of the same type
of mast, and pin them together...by drilling a hole and using a steel

I have gone up to about 35 ft (3 sections and my body height), but this is
not too safe. I recommend that you have another person to help you
balance. At 20 feet, the rig is quite useable.

You can use this in combination with a ladder; but, the ladder complicates

I know everyone mentions this; but, watch out for electrical wires. And if
anyone is helping you, make sure they know what to do if you have to let
the rig fall.


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