[TowerTalk] Improving my dipole

Buck - N4PGW n4pgw-list2 at towncorp.net
Tue Jun 28 15:22:20 EDT 2005

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> Yes.  Multiple wires from the same feed point do an adequate job on
> multiple
> bands..  Be sure to separate the wires about 2 or three inches for best
> performance.

I have never had mine so close.  I have always separated mine 4-8 inches
apart.  At 8 inches, I can trim one antenna, reverse calculate the formula
and trim the rest of the antennas by measurement accurately and only cut
once. :) Less than 8 inches, and I find I have to cut each band once and
reverse calculate the formula for each band.  Not a big issue and not
arguing with your numbers, just stating my experience. 

> The reason 80 performance is different using 160 length wires is that the
> pattern changes when using a full wave antenna.  The ARRL Antenna Book has
> a
> section devoted to radiation patterns and how they change with wire
> length.
> 73, Keith NM5G

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