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It depends on what you want to clean, or rather what it's made of.

Most solvents as well as soap solutions work well in ultrasonic cleaners. 
A bit dose depend on the power, but the smaller ones usually don't "foam up" 
even with dish soap.

>I hope that this is not too far off subject.
>I have a ultrasonic cleaner that I use for cleaning small parts in the 
>shack and garage.
>I have head so many different stories about what cleaning solution to use 
>and I have tried a lot of them, >usually with poor results.
>My question is:
>Are there specific solutions that could (should) be used for, like pot 
>metal, brass, stainless steel, etc.?

I've used everything from Kerosean which does a very good job of removing 
grease and oil to some relatively esoteric solvents requiring safety gear. 
I've used some relatively flamable solvents also with good results.  Of 
course the best stuff is no longer allowed (Trichloroethene, or is it 
ethyelene, or ethane?), or even (Perchloroethene - Think it's 111 
inhibited), but the EPA sorta frowns on those now.  Sure did work good 

>I have talked to some of the on-line companies that sell cleaners and they 
>always want to sell me >something or other that sells for $60 a gallon!
>Any thoughts out there....?

When I was in industry we had to have MSDS for everthing including water. 
(caution, irritates eyes)
As Bill said, ask for the MSDS for the material.  If they refuse, sick OSHA 
on them. <:-)) It is a requirement.

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