[TowerTalk] amplifiers for phased arrays

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 4 09:37:34 EST 2005

I've been looking around for amplifiers for a multiple amplifier setup for a
HF phased array (one where there's an amplifier for each element). Power
output per amp should be in the 200-400 W range. The ideal amp would have
total remote control (especially for bandswitching) and would have a ton of
gain (I'd like 20+dB (few watts in for several hundred out: not withstanding
the anti CB-linear rules). Solid state seems to be preferable (physical
durability, mostly.. )  The power output needs to be in the few hundred
watts range (per amp). Various and sundry amps that use a raft of modules
and power combine them are a non-optimum solution (why not let the combining
be done in free space, and save the loss).

So far, it seems that there are the following:

Various models from Tokyo Hi Power (100 and 200W outputs) which have a bunch
of gain (1-2 W in, for rated power out)
MFJ has a pair of solid state amps(500W bipolar and 600W FET), but both
require manual bandswitching
SGC has a remote controllable 500W amp (presumably about 10dB gain,
although, maybe you can drive it to rated output with the 20W output of the
Henry Radio might have one
Codan (Australia) probably has one or more
There are some obscure(in the US) Italian mfrs, but I haven't been able to
find out much about performance (are they "CB amps"?)
A whole raft of CB amps of one sort or another, of dubious provenance and
design (I'm sure some of them are actually reasonably good, but there's no
way to really tell).

Anybody know of others?


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