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Keith Dutson kjdutson at earthlink.net
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Forget about soldering something as heavy as a PL259 with one of those.
They are primarily intended for small jewelry pieces.  Get a butane powered
iron instead.  I have the Weller Portasol and Pyropen butane irons that both
do a good job in a non-windy outside area.  The Portasol is made in Ireland
and is max rated 75 watts equivalent electric iron.  The Pyropen is made in
Asia and rated 60 watts.  Even though rated lower, the pyropen has more mass
at the tip and seems better suited for the PL259.  But both will do the job
quite well.

Keith NM5G

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Seeking opinions regarding the use of these TV advertised Soldering Iron
(Cold Tip type).  Runs on 4 AA batteries.  How do these devices play in cold
weather and is it possible to solder items like PL-259 connectors or radials
at vertical bases?  Heats to 500 degrees but within seconds, you can touch
the tip without danger.

Only $19.95 - is it too good to believe for ham type projects?


Mark, K1RX

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