[TowerTalk] The Care and feeding of an 80 meter Zepp

Justin Burket (KL1RL) zorton at jtan.com
Tue Mar 29 10:07:40 EST 2005

> My advice is to throw away the 300 ohm line and the coax.
> Simply extend the wire (using another piece of wire) into your
> shack, and connect that wire to the center conductor of the
> tuner input.

I'll have to give this a try as well and see how it compares.  I think 
I have a good counterpoise in the metal railing outside my shack 
window.  I suspect I could connect that to the railing or to the vent 

Right now I simply eliminated the coax from the 300 ohm line to the 
tuner and simply connected the 300 ohm signal line to the center 
conductor of my tuner.  The other side I connected to chassis ground 
and to the hot water pipe.  This made QUITE the improvement.  Noise 
floor dropped a bit and I heard some signals I typically don't hear.

The trouble is now i've discovered a nice chunk of noise from my 
computer monitor.  I blame cat hair falling into the monitor over the 

Justin KL1RL
Fairbanks AK

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