[TowerTalk] Which grounding panel material?

N2TK, Tony tony.kaz at verizon.net
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Hi Tonno,
I use a 3' X 3' piece of aluminum mounted on the wall in my basement. I have
all coax and control cables go through ICE lightning protection devices. I
mounted a coax switch, HF, 2M and a 6M bandpass filters on the panel. I have
a ground tied to the Acom amp which is mounted next to the aluminum panel,
main house breaker panel, phone line and TC cable. There is #4 copper wire
going through the wall to a field of ground rods and on to my tower 150'
away to another ground field of 19 ground rods

Knock on wood, but I have not had a lightning hit of a substantial nature. I
don't disconnect anything. The only lightning damage I have experienced in
25 years of doing this is a DSL modem and a network card in the computer.
That one still puzzles me.

If you would like pictures of the setup, let me know.

N2TK, Tony

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I am refurbishing my shack and want to place a grounding panel into the wall
and to bring all my antennas into the shack through it with bulkhead
adaptors. Just want some advice.

1. Is copper plate (say a 1cm, 1/3 inch thick) the best choice (say vs
aluminium)? I would drill holes into it for bulkheads.

2. Should I worry about the lightening setting my house in fire when the
plate is having direct connection with the wooden walls? We don't get so
much serious lightening actually and I am not intending to use the
polyphasers instead of bulkheads as well...

3. Does a large 10 square feet copper panel need extra warmth insulation in
winter, will it cool the house completely down in -20c otherwise?

4. Will the copper plate handle the weather fine and last long?

thanks for any insights,



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