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Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Tue Nov 1 07:24:52 EST 2005

As a journalist, I've trained myself to have a pretty good bulls--t

It goes off the screen reading some of the gobbledygook on the cfa site. And
I'm no expert on antenna theory, I'm just trigging to how most of the
sentences are poorly constructed, or are not sentences at all, and how a
supposed PhD can't seem to string together logic in a logical fashion.

"More serious problems appears when dealing with long wave transmission.
Adding to the fact that the convectional antenna is characterized by its
high voltage associated with high enormous near field, while the CFA has
very little plate voltage, with no extending induction field."

Um, something aproaching English would be nice, no?

Sky Wave Depresssor: it doesn't take a W8JI to figure out that a conical
structure with a maximum diameter that's a fraction of one per cent of
wavelength isn't going to do diddly squat in "steering" a signal.

And the quoted installations remind me of "news" stories in World Weekly
News, where it's always some bumpkin in some out of the way backwater who
has seen a UFO, been abducted by aliens or has a three-headed cat.

73, kelly

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> > Hey, he claims to be a 'Dr'.  Hi. So everything he says
> must be correct!!
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> This CFA junk came out around early or mid 1990, as I
> recall. Interest peaks about 1998 or 1999. At that time the
> believers claimed the doubters would soon see BC stations
> all over the world using the new CFA antenna. Most of the
> believers are silent now, probably wishing they used common
> sense before jumping on the bandwagon.
> If you search dejanews for CFA or cross field or crossed
> field  in rec.radio.amateur.antenna you'll find the CFA
> wars.  I just read  some old exchanges between to former
> schoolmates, Chris Trask and the dreaded count Fractenna, on
> that subject. I think that was the only time I ever sided
> with Fractenna on anything! ;-) It's amazing how long junk
> science lives.
> If you say Fractenna three times on Halloween, he will
> appear.
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