[TowerTalk] Sealing Barrel connectors

J. Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT vze1u2wn at verizon.net
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I'm trying to picture this...so one end goes  in the top and the other goes
through the bottom in a hole you make?  How do you seal the each end?
73 & Thanks!
Gordon Beattie 
w2ttt at arrl.net
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Instead of using coax seal or silicone which is 
messy, i simply place such vulnerable points as mentioned inside plastic 
sleeves.  you can use the type newspapers are delivered in and arrange them 

I've posted this one before.  I use Coke plastic bottles...16 oz size for 
this one is perfect.  Inset coax and seal the entrance point.  The damn
last for years floating around oceans and even in the Florida sun, I have
yet to 
have one crack.

Bill K4XS

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