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Wed Nov 2 10:13:25 EST 2005

How, in the world, can you bend RG-213 to fit inside
the cap end of a soda bottle????????
I must be missing something here!!!

Ted  K2QMF

On Wed, 2 Nov 2005 07:56:34 EST Cqtestk4xs at aol.com writes:
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> vze1u2wn at verizon.net writes:
> I'm trying to picture this...so one end goes  in the top and the 
> other goes
> through the bottom in a hole you make?  How do you seal the each 
> end?
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> Ah, I used to teach math, not English.  I didn't explain it right.  
> You put 
> the barrel connector in the two pieces of coax.  Put a little 
> insurance tape on 
> the connection.  Then you shove that connection into the bottle, 
> making sure 
> the part with the barrel connection is NOT at the dead end, but 
> rather running 
> along the inside of the bottle.  A smaller bottle works fine for 
> RG58/59, and 
> a 2 liter size will work for RG8 etc.  
> I also use this technique for joints hanging in the air, like the 
> 1/4 wave 75 
> ohm lengths of coax to match my suspended quad loops to 50 ohm.  I 
> always use 
> light coax on these to cut down on weight.  With these, the joint 
> goes inside 
> the bottle after running and securing the two pieces of coax to the 
> of the bottle.  If you do it right, the end of the bottle will face 
> down and 
> you won't even have to seal it.
> Bottles can also be used to make a 'cap' where two pieces of coax 
> are butted 
> out in the field...like where hardline is terminated to coax.  Both 
> pieces are 
> run parallel, side by side, put together by two 90 degree elbows and 
> then 
> capped with a 2 liter bottle, secured with cable ties or a little 
> tape.  Also, 
> antenna coax when an antenna is under construction, can be covered 
> with a bottle.
> I love the damn things.  I keep bunches around just for coax.
> Bill K4XS
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