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This is a great idea!!!
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I'm trying to picture this...so one end goes  in the top and the other goes
through the bottom in a hole you make?  How do you seal the each end?

Ah, I used to teach math, not English.  I didn't explain it right.  You put 
the barrel connector in the two pieces of coax.  Put a little insurance tape on 
the connection.  Then you shove that connection into the bottle, making sure 
the part with the barrel connection is NOT at the dead end, but rather running 
along the inside of the bottle.  A smaller bottle works fine for RG58/59, and 
a 2 liter size will work for RG8 etc.  

I also use this technique for joints hanging in the air, like the 1/4 wave 75 
ohm lengths of coax to match my suspended quad loops to 50 ohm.  I always use 
light coax on these to cut down on weight.  With these, the joint goes inside 
the bottle after running and securing the two pieces of coax to the OUTSIDE 
of the bottle.  If you do it right, the end of the bottle will face down and 
you won't even have to seal it.

Bottles can also be used to make a 'cap' where two pieces of coax are butted 
out in the field...like where hardline is terminated to coax.  Both pieces are 
run parallel, side by side, put together by two 90 degree elbows and then 
capped with a 2 liter bottle, secured with cable ties or a little tape.  Also, 
antenna coax when an antenna is under construction, can be covered with a 

I love the damn things.  I keep bunches around just for coax.

Bill K4XS

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