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     Around here (DC area) that's known as a Georgia Buggy.  But be careful.
I rented one for my tower and found that it bounced around pretty much when
empty.  Never needed it for the pour (truck drove right up to the hole) so
can't say how it would behave loaded with mud.  But plenty of others on TT
have warned about spilling these things - called 'em Widow-makers.

     Caveat Amateur!

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> Don't pump your concrete.  A lot of cement contractors have a mobile buggy
> that is gasoline propelled.  I had concrete poured that way a couple of
> times.  The cement truck stays on the edge of the highway and the buggy
> drives right up to it.
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> I haven't figured out how to pour the concrete yet, but if necessary I
> have it pumped. Yes, I know you wind up with some waste concrete but if
> that's what it takes...so be it.
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