[TowerTalk] Things to consider while my house is being built

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     Off-the-top-of-my-head list:

1.   Proximity of grounds (electrical service close to cable TV close to
water pipe close to phone close to shack close to etc.)

2.   Laying of ground ring around home and connecting into interior ground

3.   Location of shack relative to upstairs living space (CQ, CQ, CQ 'TEST.
THIS IS...  coming from beneath the TV room or sleeping quarters is not so

4.   Plenty of juice (separate electrical breaker panel with 240-Volt
service into shack/work shop.)

5.   Two (minimum) or three four-inch underground conduit runs out to
(future) tower location.

Hope to hear you on soon.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> Hello,
> Besides figuring out a way to bring in the coax and rotator cables, what
> other things should I consider (from a ham radio perspective) while my
> house is being built?  My builder poured the basement walls today.
> I've been inactive for quite some time now, but plan to get on the air
> again in the next year or two.
> Thanks.
> Larry
> KS9J
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