[TowerTalk] Big Bang

joegps joegps at snet.net
Thu Nov 3 10:27:02 EST 2005

> "Big Bang" and Evolution are both based on the
method, and the
> latter has been quite well proven. Creation and
Intelligent Design are both
> matters of faith. If the human race is to survive,
it is
critical that we
> understand the difference, and not be shouted down
those who would impose
> their faith on others. While I am a person
grounded in my faith
> and practice it, I do understand that difference.

People love anything that promises a big return for
effort. That's why antennas are one small step from
and religion.

Admitting the truth about an antenna is like admitting
truth about our political leaders or church. Ours, no
how flawed and false it can be proven, is always
better than
any other.

73 Tom

Hi Tom,
Where did the material for the big bang come from.
Thanks Joe K1NCO

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