[TowerTalk] Taking delivery of crankup tower

Tom Anderson WW5L at gte.net
Thu Nov 3 10:42:47 EST 2005


Be sure you don't put too much strain on any one point on the tower as 
you are unloading/moving it.

In 1993 I ordered A TriEx WT51 and apparently somewhere along the way 
Carolina Freight used a forklift to lift it from the bottom and sprung 
some of the welds at the base where it attaches to the concrete base. 
 These were small cracks that I didn't notice before I unloaded it and 
had signed for it.  I ended up suing Carolina Freight in order to get 
their attention.  Their loss/damage department claimed I "damaged" my 
own tower after taking it off the truck.  The trouble was I just wasn't 
fast enough to catch the driver as he was speeding down the street from 
my house.  I was on the phone with Carolina's damage department before 
their truck even got off my block.

The new tower I received was crated and had "DO NOT FORKLIFT" stenciled 
on the crating.  I guess the freight dock people with Carolina Freight 
couldn't read.  

When you get your tower, no matter how you get it off the truck, DON'T 
sign anything from the freight company until you do a thorough 
inspection of every weld, etc.  If you discover damage later, the 
freight company will probably try to claim you caused it.

When Carolina brought my new tower I told their dispatcher to warn their 
driver "to bring lunch" because I wasn't signing anything until my 
unloading crew checked every weld, etc. on the new tower.

Tom, WW5L

Kelly Johnson wrote:

>Yea, I was thinking about an engine hoist myself, but I was concerned about
>supporting the tower only in the middle. I've been told in the past that
>these things are so heavy that supporting them only in the middle can damage
>them. I'm not sure how the come-along would work.
>On 11/2/05, KJ6Y at aol.com <KJ6Y at aol.com> wrote:
>>I use an engine hoist and a come-along to get them off the truck. You can
>>rent them for $20-30 a day. Shouldn't take more than an hour.
>>I then have a 4 wheel dolly about 2 ft square with large wheels that go in
>>all directions. Mount the tower in the middle at the balance point. Allows
>>you to maneuver at angles and sideways. I've been doing it this way for
>>almost 30 years.
>>Skip, KJ6Y
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