[TowerTalk] Things to consider while my house is being built

Wayne Greaves wgreaves at pvtnetworks.net
Thu Nov 3 20:58:14 EST 2005

Attach a copper Single Point Ground (SPG) panel to wall studs before the dry 
wall is installed.  Have your electrician run the house ground wire near the 
SPG panel and behind an access hole so you can make connection to it.  See 
PolyPhaser Web site for their SPG product.

If you're wiring your house for a computer LAN, install a CAT5 cable in the 

Bury a 2 in. diameter minimum conduit from outside the shack to where you 
intend to put your antenna farm.  Invest in an electrician's fish tape for 
pulling cable.

Install a whole-house power transient protector.

Install a telco lightning protector on the incoming phone line(s).

Good luck!

Wayne, WØZW 

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