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From: K4PI
Date: 11/04/05 07:21:42
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Subject: [TowerTalk] VERTICAL BALUN
Sometime ago there was some discussion about using baluns at the base of
verticals for reasons different from what they are used for on yagis,
dipoles etc. In ON4UN's book I don't see any in the pictures of verticals
at some of the bigger stations around and there is no mention of doing it.
I have also seen in person some 4 square systems and no baluns. I have read
the reasoning for using them on verticals, which sounds valid, but the
question is what are most of you that have 4 square verticals doing? I am
planning on using them unless there is a case against it. 73 Mike K4PI

 Hi Mike,

Balun is really a misnomer But a choke of some sort on the fed line tends to
reduce the possibility of the feed line becoming like another radial.  it
helps the the reduction of  local noise on receive also.  I find it's a good
Idea but it can be something as simple as 6 to 10 turns of coax about 6" in
diameter.   However that said.. this may not be needed depending upon the
feed method used .. you would not gain a lot of advatage in a shunt fed
system  or a system where the vertical element is shunted to ground through
a coil  and will already will discharge static currents  and other noise
producing effect to ground. 
Hope this helps,
73 Dave kc1di 

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