[TowerTalk] LMR 400

Cqtestk4xs@aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Fri Nov 4 13:22:54 EST 2005

Well, this is getting old.  I am in the process of replacing my fix or sixth 
jumper made of LMR400 flexible.  It has failed on three different towers.  
NEVER will I use this stuff again.  IT IS GARBAGE.

The black jacket on most of the failures has turned slightly gooey, and 
cracked, allowing moisture to ruin the rest of the line.  The part that cracked was 
not even under any movement.  It was simply taped to the boom, and where 
exposed it cracked.

I have had no problems with the regular LMR400 or any of the other coax I 
have used. 

The stuff was installed in 1998 and looks like cheap coax installed in the 

I'm going to call Times and see what kind of reaction I get.

Bill K4XS

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