[TowerTalk] LMR 400 Update

Cqtestk4xs@aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Fri Nov 4 14:59:41 EST 2005

I just got a very nice call from the boys at Times about the UltraFlex that 
crapped out.

The guy didn't seem too surprised that the jacket cracked.  His reply was 
"Well it is rubber and maybe the UV in FL is that strong"  They are willing to 
replace it with some new stuff that has the jacket the regular LMR 400 has.  I 
just need to let them know how many feet I need...free.  Fair enough.

CAVEAT....Don't use LMR 400 flexi if you live in areas of high 

By the way, he did not offer to prepare and install the new jumpers....Sigh!

Bill K4XS

PS......BIG BANG= sound your amp makes when the caps let go.

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