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     I have one of these baluns in the workshop.  Used to use it to feed a 30M inverted V, but took it down a few years ago.

     The lightning arrestor/suppressor is nothing more than a thin piece of aluminum strap that connects the eye-bolt at the top of the PVC shell of the balun (a support rope threads through this eye-bolt) to a ground screw on the SO-239 at the bottom.  Basically a lightning strike will be conducted from the eye-bolt safely to ground through the coax shield, rather than hitting the dipole feedpoint just beneath the eye-bolt.  Or so the theory goes. 

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

> Anyone familiar with and have experience with the W2DU baluns sold by UNadilla? 
> Specifically the ones with the built in lightning arrestor? Will this short with 
> a strike or
>  is this not a problem? I was told it is actually not an arrestor rather it is a 
> suppressor - 
> bleeding off the charge... it will be at 140' and I do not climb so I need 
> something there 
> that should be reliable... comments? [not interested in a coax loop - thinking 
> this balun 
> for now]
> Gary
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