[TowerTalk] Identify Remote Rotary Antenna Switch

Joe Subich, W4TV k4ik at subich.com
Sun Nov 6 10:24:42 EST 2005


If the motor is a stepping unit, it is a WOMLY/Antenna Mart switch.
I'm sure Alan Bond at MGS could provide documentation in that case.   
Try: info at mgs4u.com. 

If it is not a stepping (ratchet) motor, you probably have the 
outdoor half of a Drake RCS-4.  

The W0MLY/Antenna Mart switches were housed in small Hoffman type 
boxes while the Drake switches were in anodized sheet metal 


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> One of the things I picked up at a recent hamfest is the remote head  
> for a rotary antenna switch. The switch is nearly 6" square, 
> although  
> one side is only 4". It has 6 SO-239 connectors and a terminal strip  
> with 8 terminals.
> Opening it up, it has a conventional ceramic wafer switch switching  
> the SO-239s, an additional phenolic wafer that attaches back to the  
> terminal strip. The rotary switch is driven by what looks like a  
> phonograph or clock motor through a geared reduction.
> I'm guessing this unit takes 25-30 vac to run the motor, which then  
> stops when the correct detent is chosen. As I don't have the control  
> head, I'd appreciate any information on this type of switch. 
> I figure  
> I can build a control box pretty easily with the right info.
> Thanks.
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