[TowerTalk] Twin Lead Beverage

William B. Stacy WStacy at uwyo.edu
Sun Nov 6 19:56:31 EST 2005

I am preparing to install a Beverage antenna system, and the reversible twin lead configuration, 600 ft. long, looks as though it should do the job.  I am planning three of these, which would cover the entire azimuth on 80 and 160.  I have two questions:
1. I have seen two designs.   One has the far end grounded and a pair of transformers on the near end.  The other (W8JI design) has a reflection transformer at the far end.  Is there an advantage of one over the other?
2. How far apart should the supports be spaced?  These will be 10 feet high so the deer can get under them, and they will run to make a six-pointed star (30, 210 degs; 90, 270 degs; and 150, 330 degs).
Thanks in advance for your advice.
73, Bill, K7EY/5 (now in Oklahoma)

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