[TowerTalk] base for very short Rohn 25G

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 9 11:20:43 EST 2005

Assuming you using a SB25G5 base section or tower base section, the Rohn
catalog specifies a 2 foot square or round hole 4 feet deep with at least 6
inches of compacted sand and gravel below for drainage.  Place concrete form
so that top of base is 4 inches above ground.  Place base section in center
of hole so that the lower legs protrude at least 2 inches into sand and

I order 4000 lb concrete for all tower foundations.  This job should require
a bit less than a yard, depending on actual hole size.

73, Keith NM5G

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I don't believe Rohn gives specs for something this short, so I'm asking for
advice (not PE specs) for a short Rohn 25G.

This will be for satellite antennas: a couple of beams, total of roughly 6-7
square feet.  The Rohn 25G will be 20' tall, and will have a mast out of the
top of about 5-7'.  It will be one normal section and one flat-top (25AG4)
section, sitting on top of a hinged short base (SBH25G).

The tower will also be attached to the house at about 8' off the ground.

What size hole do I need for the base?  (I know to have plenty of gravel in
the bottom for drainage.)  Other suggestions welcome as well.

Thanks & 73,
Dave N0RQ

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