[TowerTalk] Anniversary

Tod tod at k0to.us
Wed Nov 9 23:29:46 EST 2005

 I know this thread is way off topic but until Steve catches us:

Tom's response reminds me of a cartoon that was in the Minnesota Daily when
I was an undergraduate there. In the cartoon you have an obviously underage
kid being carded by a bartender and responding, " I may not be 21 but Man,
I've lived!".

That was followed a couple of days later with a cartoon of an obviously
"older" person saying, "Inside this 60 year old body is a 25 year guy trying
to get out!".

It is all in how you look at it with one exception  if you are still
climbing towers:

When you notice it is difficult to walk more than ten feet along the rail of
a railroad track without falling off, it is time to send the "young punks"
up the tower and shout advice up to them.

There -- I made it relevant to the reflector topic!

Tod, K0TO

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> Hi Tod
> Best thing I heard was "If nobody was to tell you how old 
> you, are, how old would you be?"  73 Tom W7WHY

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