[TowerTalk] Telescopic tower from Westower, info needed

Jon Dahl jdahl at broadpark.no
Thu Nov 10 18:31:03 EST 2005

At our Radioclub LA2AB we have a Westower type 3XHD (extra heavy duty 3 sections telescoping triangular mast).
It was bought about 20 years ago from Western Electronics (UK)ltd in Louth.
This tower is abt 109 feet(33m) tall. It is guied in 3 hights. 
We have just mounted a full size 3 el. 40m beam made by swedish Cue.Dee Antennas on the topsection
with an heavy duty italian rotator.
Winshing up this topload is not easy and we are vorried about overloading the US autobraked Fulton model K1000 winsh used. So far we have only managed to lift the beam up to abt 21 meters.
The more layers on the winsh-drum the heavier it is to crank up of course.
In the manual we do not find any info of the weight of the towersections AND how much the steel-wire used
can take before breaking. 
The UK company seems to be gone, at least we have not been able to find anybody to ask.
All info about solving our problems as indicated.

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