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Mike Switzer k8ze at charter.net
Sat Nov 12 06:37:19 EST 2005

My only problem is where do I start my bidding?  With that amount profit
possible I would think 2x starting bid would be appropriate!  All kidding
aside a stealth and not bad performing antenna can be had with a simple
matching network 10 to 15 feet of wire (depending on the distance to
furnace).  A friend of mine loaded up his heating ducts one evening, after
corpus amounts of brain fuel- Pabst Blue Ribbon I believe.  He did fairly
well on 40, actually worked a KH6 as I recall. However as the evening went
along his fist deteriorated and contacts were fewer and fewer but I could
patent this puppy and sell it on ebay.  It would however require most users
to retrofit their heating system with a converted gravity furnace to
eliminate destroying the electronics in today's heating systems.  But that
would be a small price to pay for such a good antenna.  The biggest drawback
that I see is the cost of the PBR alone might negatively influence the
bottom line.  So who wants to partner up we can form a consortium.  


Mike Switzer

k8ze at charter.net <mailto:mswit10296 at charter.net> 



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