[TowerTalk] Rotator Bearing Race Grease/Lubricant

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I use Lithium grease.  Will not freeze or become liquid at high 
temperatures.  Have successfully used it in my thrust bearings for years.

I'm sure there are other good products that other might recommend.

73, Bob - W3YY

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> OK - I am taking apart the TR44 and CD-45-II... They apparently had been
> sitting for a long time before I bought them.  What grease should I use
> after I clean up the bearings and bearing races... I remember a discussion 
> a
> while ago, but I do not remember a consensus.
> The motor looks clean and well lubricated, so evidence of dirt or 
> corrosion.
> Thanks, and I apologize for rehashing this stuff again.
> Scott
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