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Per Molund pmolund at online.no
Sun Nov 13 09:53:05 EST 2005

Loctite 242 is anaerobic which means that it cure in absence of air 
between metallic parts. Therefore it is no problem removing the top 
to clean it out. However, make sure  that the liquid does not get 
contaminated with foreign materials while cleaning the tip.



At 15:33 13.11.2005, Zivney, Terry L. wrote:
>I bought a bottle of 242 Loctite at my local Fastenal store
>for about $40.  I used it yesterday on the hardware for the
>driven element; carefully snapping back the tip to seal the
>bottle.  Today, the bottle still sloshes when it's shaken,
>telling me the compound is still a liquid.  However, nothing
>will come out the tip of the bottle.  Is it ok to totally
>remove the top, exposing the inside to air, and trying to
>ream out the tip (like with Elmer's glue) or is there some
>other secret to getting a second use out of the bottle?
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