[TowerTalk] US Tower for sale

HFDXJUNKIE@aol.com HFDXJUNKIE at aol.com
Sun Nov 13 10:54:22 EST 2005

US Tower TMM-433-SS  
US Tower TMM-433-SS , coax stand off arm and tower  raising fixture with the 
tilt base. Tower is a 4 section crank up that raises to  33 feet and cranked 
down it nests at about 11 ft. The TRX-80 raising fixture  with cable and winch 
with it. Tower has the coax stand offs mounted to each  section. Tower is 
about 4 years old and is in like new condition. It is on the  ground stands 
waiting for pick up. Price is 1200.00 Less than 1/2 price. Located  on Long Island. 
No disappointments. LIKE  NEW.

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