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Craig Clark jcclark at wildblue.net
Sun Nov 13 17:20:45 EST 2005

>Ham magazines other than QST tend to be "labors of love" of one or a couple
>of individuals.  Circulation is just too low to support more than a couple
>key people.  Ham Radio Magazine was Jim Fisk's vision and when the
>visionary passed away there was no longer the "force" needed to make
>it happen.

With all due respect to John, W0UN, Ham Radio survived for 10 more 
years after Jim died in April 1980 (just before Dayton.) Marty Hanft, 
Rich Rosen, K2RR and Terry Littlefield, KA1STC were all capable 
editors and carried on the vision of Jim Fisk in their own way. In 
many ways, Skip Tenney, W1NLB was the true visionary who got Jim to 
leave 73 and start what was the best amateur radio technical magazine 
ever published in March 1968.

I had the most fun you can be allowed to have in my job at job at 
HR.  I got to know many wonderful ham radio people from around the 
world. As one of the co-founders of Communications Quarterly, it was 
sad to see that magazine pass. I have a framed copy of Volume 1 #1 
proudly hung on my office wall.

I started at Ham Radio Magazine in April 1979 as the assistant 
publisher and was there at the end. I have a very clear understanding 
why Ham Radio ceased publishing in June 1990. Towertalk is not the 
place to hash this out but I would be more than happy to share the 
story off line with anyone interested.

In a nutshell, companies come and go and this is especially true in 
the magazine business. To survive ten years is a major 
accomplishment! HR was published from March 1968 to June of 1990. I 
my eyes, that was a pretty good run.

73, Craig Clark, K1QX


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