[TowerTalk] 160-m Inverted L or Sloper?

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Mon Nov 14 10:21:54 EST 2005

No, the only real answer is to try a half sloper (Tom sarcastically
calls them sloppers) yourself.  You forget that a lot of the worlds
inventions, discoveries were/are made by accident.

I have two half slopers feed off the same tower, one sloping east and
the other west.  One of the advantages they have over a vertical is
they have directivity in the direction of the slope.  Fact!  Another
advantage is that you do not need another tower.  Another advantage
is they are relatively inexpensive compared to a vertical.

Please share with us your religious experience with sloppers.  Or is
this just a subjective statement mascara ding as objective?


You can ask all the question in the world about a slopper
and the only real answer is to use the Edisonian method. If
you try enough fibers in random filament tests, eventually
you might stumble on a light bulb. Sloppers are a religious

73 Tom

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