[TowerTalk] 160-m Inverted L or Sloper?

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Mon Nov 14 15:11:20 EST 2005

Well last year I put up an Inverted L (100' vertical, 70' horizontal)
with 20 full size radials on a separate tower and compared it
to my half slopers. I didn't do any transmit comparisons but my receive
comparisons were 2-3 S units down from the half sloper.  Admittedly I
didn't do the comparison using good specific comparison techniques for
a technical report.  But my 'ballparking' comparison gave me enough
information to decide whether to continue the testing or not.   My initial
evaluation did not warrant further Inverted L testing.  The test
is still in place as I haven't taken it down yet.  Maybe I will look at
it again as we all know that you cannot have too many antennas.


That's right Jerry, and that's really the bottom line. The
best we can hope for is a tie with a shunt fed or series fed
vertical or Inverted L. The worse is something much worse
than that.

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