[TowerTalk] Foam cables and velocty factor

Robert Chudek k0rc at pclink.com
Tue Nov 15 13:50:46 EST 2005

Thanks everyone for helping me through the learning curve of my AEA VIA 
Antenna Analyst!

With 40+ years of radio experience under my belt, I can still learn new 
stuff and get pretty excited along the way! One thing I have to say is you 
are never too old to benefit from an "Elmer". I have found there are quite a 
few on this reflector. Thanks to all of you.

The second thing I learned is it never hurts to have a "shack buddy". That 
is, someone to review what you are doing and help keep everything on track. 
As smart as I think I am, I discovered mistakes or wrong assumptions all 
along the way! For instance, that "defective" PL259 at the antenna 
feedpoint!  :-)

Today with a fresh start and my test equipment properly setup, I want you to 
know this particular piece of wire has a minimum vswr at 1850 KHz. A little 
higher than my target frequency, but the 1.5:1 bandwidth gives me plus/minus 
50 KHz coverage. This will work just fine! I connected my transceiver and it 
agrees with the analyzer vswr readings.

Later today I will upload 160m-4-*.pdf files to complete the story. I need 
to do this because when I examined my test setup from last night, I 
discovered I had not removed the 50 Ohm terminator at the analyzer 
connection. So the -3 files are bogus!

Once again, thanks for all the help/advice/feedback, etc!

Now... on to my 80m sloping dipole... :-)

73 de Bob - K0RC


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