[TowerTalk] Shunt Feeding, Can this be?

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Tue Nov 15 18:44:33 EST 2005

>      My tower, and all others that I know to be shunt-fed,
are self-supporting, unguyed structures.  All the
shunt-feeding tricks I've learned here on TowerTalk apply to
that type of support.

Every tower I've know of that was shunt fed has been a guyed
tower. Of course they all had insulated guylines.

The only towers that cause problems when shunt fed are
towers with large antennas mounted at low heights, towers
that are guyed with uninsulated guylines, and telescoping

>      Perhaps others around here have been able to
shunt-feed their guyed towers and will jump in.  Or maybe
you would be able to install an inverted L or some other
wire antenna off your tower.

Almost anything we do within 50 or 100 feet of a tower that
has uninsulated guylines or large antennas with vertical
feedlines  becomes unpredictable without extensive modeling.
That includes an Inverted L or a shunt feed.

Would you mount a two meter 19" whip on the roof of a car a
few inches away from other antennas and large metallic
structures? Why would we think an antenna a few feet from a
tower in the midst of a bunch of grounded guylines would be

I never think a Ham would install a tower having solid
uninsulated guylines. Doing so very often hoses up the use
of the tower for any low band antennas, be they dipoles or

73 Tom

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