[TowerTalk] [YCCC] Rohn 45G/55G foundation dimensions

Mike McCarthy, W1NR w1nr at w1nr.net
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   You did not look in the right place.  All of the foundation and anchor
drawings are on the Rohn WEB site (www.rohnnet.com) in their on-line catalog
under "Hardware, Accessories and General Information" and one or two pages
of links forward from there.  They use frames so I can't give you a direct
link.  You should ask them for their catalog on CD.  They used to give them
away for free.

Mike, W1NR

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Hi. I'm putting together specs for a tower installation that will consist of
100' of Rohn 45G or 55G (or equivalent) with pier pin base. The local zoning
administrator would like some detail on the concrete footings for the tower
and guy anchors. The Rohn catalog only shows specs for an embedded base
foundation and doesn't show any detail on reinforcement. No dimensions,
other than the rod angle, are shown for guy anchor footings.
- What hole depth and concrete dimensions are required for a Rohn 45G or 55G
pier-pin base? 
- What are the specs for the rebar cage?
- What hole depth and concrete dimensions are required for standard guy rod
anchor footings? 
- Is rebar required for an anchor rod footing, or does the rod provide
enough reinforcement?
- If I decide to use I-beam posts to elevate the guys, what hole depth and
concrete dimensions do I need?
- Is rebar required to reinforce an I-beam post or will the post provide
sufficient reinforcement?
- What's the max height of the I-beam above ground?
- Is there a source of drawings for these footings?
Would appreciaqe any help with these questions.
Thanks & 73,
Dick WC1M
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