[TowerTalk] 80m dipole question

WA3GIN in Alex. City, VA wa3gin at erols.com
Sat Nov 19 12:36:35 EST 2005

That dropping concept in reality works fine.  Most of the radiating work
is done much closer to the feed point, the first 1/8 wave of wire either
side of the feed point.


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The "flattened V" is okay.  It does not have to be perfectly
horizontal all the way across.  Mine does the same thing with a droop
of about 6 to 10 feet in the center and it works fine.  I have even
heard some recommend this type of droop.

The other thing you could consider is to attach your insulators to the
dipole a little further in towards the center and let the end slack
droop down vertically like this:

|               |

Good luck in the contest!!

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

On 11/19/05, Travis Fitzgerald - VE3WO <ve3wo at rac.ca> wrote:
> Anyone on the reflector this morning?  I'm having a small problem with
an 80m dipole that I'm raising for CQWW next weekend.  Total length of
the dipole is 133', but distance from tower to house is about 125'
(didn't know I was short until I tried to raise it).  If I raise the
dipole until it reaches the house, the dipole resembles a flattened "V",
with the feedpoint at about 25'.  Tower end is at 60', house end at 35'.

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