[TowerTalk] hf vertical

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Tue Nov 22 21:22:16 EST 2005

On Nov 22, 2005, at 4:50 PM, Merlin-7 KI4ILB wrote:

> I am looking for a multi-band vertical
> What do you all think of the TITAN DX?
> any ideas of the best one?

When I was looking into multiband verticals about 5 years ago I took  
one look at the GAP website and was quite wary about the pseudo- 
science of their claims.  I got a copy of the K7LXC/N0AX vertical  
report from championradio.com and it had some good comparisons  
between several different types of verticals.  Based on that, I  
looked into the R-8, and later compared that to the AV-640 by Hy-Gain  
(which is quite similar, but without traps).  I have been using the  
AV-640 for about 4 years and am quite pleased (it is for 40-6 meters  
and isn't very effective on 80 and 160, although I have made a few  
contacts on those bands using a tuner).

Bob, N7XY

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