[TowerTalk] HELP...IC746PRO

StellarCAT RXDesign at ssvecnet.com
Thu Nov 24 10:57:11 EST 2005

I know this is slightly off topic - but only slightly... I am, was using an Autek RF1 meter to
determine my swr on a new F12 240N but the lengths are considerably
shorter than the manual (and everyone else) says... and it is not working
right... so Tom suspects the RF1 as the culprit... however I have no means
of using my IC746PRO to test it as it will not transmit below the ham 
bands -
is anyone aware of a fix to do this? I know for example on the TS940 all one
had to do was to clip a diode.... is there a way to get out of band transmit 
for these rigs for testing antennas at 5W?


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